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We help businesses to implement security policies and effectively communicate their security status to the stakeholders.

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What is ArgoScan?

Almost every startup deploys with basic configurations and with the MVP mentality to shipping faster. The problem comes when one starts collecting valuable customer data, and application hosting and security compliance becomes a concern. Sometimes you might need to integrate with an enterprise API that requires you to implement several security standards like encryptions, VPN setups, etc.

For a startup with limited resources such as availability of security specialists, time, and money, this can be overwhelming. ArgoScan enables you to create these standards and meet compliance requirements by automating available security standards and help you communicate it with ease to your potential users. ArgoScan intends to make it less complicated and also friendly for MVPs. Never again compromise security even at the time of the first launch.

How it works

Compliance checks available in a simple, automated, plug-n-play APIs.

Compliance automation

Automate your compliance requirements and properly communicate to your stakeholders. Create presentable reports and be able to provide proof.

Status pages and badge

Create validated security pages and compliance badges to display in your application and at point of checkout.

Score and Checklists

Self and automated compliance checklist tool to ensure that your application is actually secure and as communicated to your stakeholders.

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compliance checks
Design your security policy now
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